Cave Dwelling - Our Interpreter, Jared


We can't believe our luck sometimes. Here we are in Billings, Montana on a Saturday. Everything is closed. Makes a Saturday in Albany, NY feel like Times Square. We drive off to see caves that have pictgraphs way away out of town. A small group of people are there ahead of us. They wander down the trail back to their cars. Diana and I begin to look at the caves, binoculars in hand. It's tough to make heads or tails of what we're seeing, or not seeing. Along comes Jared, a State Park guide. He proceeds to whip out a laser pointer and gives us a college-level lecture on the caves, their drawings, their peoples, their histories, the excavation and destruction by workers in the 1910s-1930s (unintentional--they didn't appreciate at the time the significance of these sites) and then, he agrees to pose for a picture. We love to travel. This is an example of why we do.

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