Regent, North Dakota


At the end of The Enchanted Highway is the town of Regent, ND. The Highway was envisioned to bolster and support the town's economy. We drove The Highway in time to arrive for lunch. We pulled into town, eerily empty. The gift shop was open. We bought postcards and inquired about lunch. The "saloon" opens at four o'clock, but "they're grillin' brats and burgers in the gas station parking lot." OK, we had two ice cream cones. We decided to visit the town museum across the street, as it featured an "Open" sign on the door when we parked our car. The gift shop person said, "I've never seen the museum open before." We crossed the street to find a "Closed" sign prominently displayed on the door, with a note to inquire at the gift shop across the street for information. We decided to leave Regent for a very late lunch in the RV. On the way out of town, Diana noticed a sign that proclaimed Regent as the hometown of one of North Dakota's United States Senators.

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